Cedaron is a proud sponsor of ASHA Connect 2020.

Hello and welcome to our first ever virtual sponsor booth! 
In keeping with the theme of virtual and making connections over distance, we're spotlighting Cedaron's latest innovation for the rehab community: Telepractice. 

We've prepared a short video to help you navigate what seems like hundreds of business tools wearing the #telehealth sleeve. If you watch closely, you'll see members of the Cedaron team playing the roles of therapist and patient. (In other words, no HIPAA laws were broken.) Can you spot the engineer, learning & development specialist, and rehab clinician?

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We'll miss seeing you in person this year and would love to hear from you!
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On behalf of all of us at Cedaron, I wish you good health and happy learning.

Enjoy the conference,

- Karen Bond, Founder & CEO


Follow their plan of care, wherever they are.

Whether you want to reduce no shows or remove roadblocks for patients and clients who just can’t make it in person, you need a thoughtfully planned telepractice solution that is secure and easy to use.

Seamless for Therapists
  • Video & in-person workflows
  • Automated scheduling & compliance
  • Secure tap to join
Easy for Patients & Clients
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Nothing to download
  • Automated scheduling & reminders
  • Secure tap to join
Secure for All
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • SOC 2 Type II attestation
  • Fully encrypted data
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed

CONNECT is designed for patient satisfaction and therapist efficiency. Its human touch points are intentionally simple to keep the focus on personal connection and treatment goals, instead of troubleshooting technology that is better suited for a business call or virtual game night.

Behind-the-scenes, CONNECT bridges patient care and documentation with highly secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging and video. Fully integrated therapist workflows deliver a seamless provider experience, even if the schedule or plan of care contains a mix of virtual and in-person visits.


Your practice needs more than business teleconferencing. CONNECT provides HIPAA-compliant messaging, video, and storage. Cedaron holds SOC 2 Type II attestation for additional peace of mind. 

  • Data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest; no data leaves the country

  • 99.9% uptime, guaranteed

  • User verification and authentication are enforced by your organizational policies

  • Bonus: The IT relationship is consolidated with Cedaron, which means you have just one help desk to contact when you need support. Support is available 24/7 and provided by our on-staff team in the U.S.


CONNECT is remarkably easy to use, even for people who are new to virtual visits. Simply tap the invite link when it’s time to join; no apps to download or plugins to install.

  • Mobile-friendly and available on any of device that supports a modern browser. Patients can use their desktop, tablet, or phone…whichever is most comfortable. PC, Mac, Android, and iOS are all supported.

  • Patient verification and authentication uses information that makes sense. No weird, auto-generated passwords that are tricky to remember.

  • Automated text and email reminders reduce no-shows and allow them to confirm the appointment with a single tap.


Whether you’re providing care in person or over video, everything is in one place. Televisits launch from the CONNECT Rehab EMR to provide a seamless workflow across scheduling, patient care, charting, and compliance. CONNECT also works with major EHRs so you don’t have to juggle multiple systems for different types of visits.

  • See your full schedule at a glance, regardless of visit type. Telehealth appointments are color-coded and automatically created in CONNECT Scheduler (Cedaron includes the HL7 scheduling interfaces).

  • Dashboard shows your daily appointments and notifies when a patient is in the virtual waiting room.

  • Join the televisit with a single click. The episode of care will automatically create the documentation workflow and compliance for the visit.

  • Compliance notifications automatically adjust according to Medicare and other payer rules for different types of visits. You don’t need to keep all this in your head or on sheets of paper.

  • The “lock & push” for billing already contains the CCI edits.

Connect with patients who can’t see you in person and keep them moving toward their goals.


FEATURE VIDEO: Things to think about for your telepractice

Don’t let distance interrupt the plan of care. CONNECT keeps your patients close—wherever they are—and allows you to maintain high quality care in a way that still feels personal and thorough.

CONNECT also expands your reach to vulnerable communities to help improve outcomes for children, seniors, and the 20% of Americans who live in remote rural areas.