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Cedaron’s Rehab EMR is the best choice to ensure reimbursements by adhering to all insurance requirements. We decrease the time spent documenting while also decreasing your denials through our automated alerts, built in billing codes, and other compliance measures. Additionally, Cedaron promises to keep up to date with any legislative changes.




Easy, accurate, defensible documentation to
decrease your denials and increase your profitability.

Cedaron’s Rehab EMR patient documentation solution is the industry’s only option with tests and measures straight from the APTA, AOTA, and ASHT Societies, and SLP.


Built in tests and measures from each society


  • View multiple patient charts at one time
  • History is shared between disciplines and will transfer from last episode of care to a new episode automatically
  • Automatic Alerts make sure you never miss a progress report, authorization, re-certification, or G-code
  • Medicare Fee Cap is automatically calculated after each visit for quick reference
  • Patented Patient Interface allows for customizable intake forms and outcome surveys to be completed prior to the patient visit, and can be filled out at home or on a mobile device in the waiting room. All completed surveys are sent directly to your database and will appear in the appropriate visit.
  • All Functional Outcome Measures scores calculate automatically
  • Survey scores are linked to the G Code severity modifiers so you can justify your clinical reasoning for the severity modifier chosen
  • Never worry about audits
  • Charge with confidence as Cedaron calculates the charges and applies CCI edits
  • Use our Physician Document Exchange and avoid tracking down physicians for signatures
  • Document Management lets users know what required documents need to be completed
  • Automatically recommends the correct Evaluation Code based on complexity



Cedaron’s Rehab EMR includes a comprehensive scheduler that meets the needs of therapists, administrators, and managers of every clinic.


It provides the flexibility and ease your practice needs to keep an organized schedule while still managing the last-minute changes that often are necessary. Our Rehab EMR is the only of its kind that will allow a clinic to double book if necessary, utilizing a full alert system to notify the user of these conflicting appointments. Other features of the Scheduler include:


  • Customizable color-coding by appointment type.
  • Convenient drag and drop feature to move appointments.
  • Access schedules across all locations.
  • Schedule a specific room or resource.
  • Create Block times for staff meetings, lunch, or specific types of therapy.
  • Easily search for patients seen in the clinic previously or via interface with your ADT.
  • Easily schedule recurring appointments.
  • In a click add patients to wait, “no show”, cancellation, and other varying lists.
  • Customize automated alerts.
  • Automatically notify clinicians of a patients’ arrival via email or text.
  • Quickly create a report on patient visits, cancellations and no shows.
  • Option to send reminder emails, texts, and calls to patients.



Analytics Without SQL Queries; Anyone Can Run or Build a Report.



Simple Solutions for Advanced Analytics. Measure Results and Improve Outcomes to understand your business better.

Cedaron’s Rehab EMR is the only solution that provides advanced data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities without requiring knowledge of SQL, Access, or Excel. Produce detailed reports on complications, medications, length of stay, or any other data element of interest to your organization. Clinics also have the option to join national outcomes databases, such as APTA, for comparison at a national level. With the Analysis abilities of our Rehab EMR you can:


  • Easily build ad hoc reports
  • Use our wide selection of standard Flash reports, or customize your own
  • Instantly measure treatment effectiveness against other practitioners
  • Justify reimbursement claims through data analytics
  • Spot nationwide trends through database participation
  • Filter captured data by any patient demographic or caregiver
  • Run productivity reports and referral reports
Private Practices Integration

Hospital Integration


Integration with All Major Hospital Systems & Meaningful Use Certified


While large EHR providers solve the macro needs of a hospital, they seldom focus on the specific needs of outpatient rehab clinics. Cedaron’s Rehab EMR provides the documentation needs unique to rehabilitation, while integrating with your hospital’s EHR and other systems. The result is a seamless integration for maximum productivity and best outcomes.

At Cedaron, we understand the importance of interoperability for maximizing productivity and results. That’s why we have built hundreds of interfaces with leading EHR providers including: Abraxas, Allscripts, AthenaHealth, Cerner, CPSI, Epic, GE Healthcare, McKesson, Meditech, NextGen, Paragon, Siemens and more.


With every interface, our team works with hospital IT personnel and system representatives to install and customize an integrated system that works seamlessly for your organization.  Integrating with our Rehab EMR enables you to meet your hospital IT needs, while also accessing robust Rehab documentation tools and meeting the complex Medicare compliance needs of an outpatient rehab clinic. Cedaron is also certified for Meaningful Use, ensuring that you will not have to worry about noncompliance when MIPS takes full effect in 2018.


Available interfaces include:


Admission Discharge and Transfer (ADT):

Interfacing with your hospital ADT will transfer your patient demographic information from the primary hospital registration system to Cedaron’s Rehab EMR. This transfer will minimize redundant data entry, and streamline scheduling of new visits. Improve patient satisfaction today!


Permanent Clinical Record (PCR):

Interfacing with a permanent clinical record is a valuable tool for your hospital. Initial evaluations and other reports will automatically flow to the patient’s record, eliminating the cumbersome task of printing and faxing patient documentation to the records department. Streamline your workflow today!



Cedaron provides an effortless integration with your current billing system. We create the bill including all CCI Edits, G-Codes, and Modifiers to be sent to your billing system. This interface will provide the freedom to implement our Rehab EMR without disrupting your business. Use Cedaron to improve the operations of your practice, integrate today!


Physician Document Exchange:

This module that puts therapists directly in contact with referring physicians. Therapists can determine if a physician has viewed the plan of care, receive instant feedback regarding its status, and obtain physician approval via an electronic signature. Use Cedaron to simplify communication today!


Microsoft Office Integration:

Cedaron’s Rehab EMR integrates with Microsoft Office (MS Excel, MS Word and Outlook) eliminating transcription errors while creating consistent, clean, customizable reports. In a single click generate a visit note as a Microsoft Word document you can edit, or view a patient wait list in MS Excel. Avoid errors with automatic spell check as you enter data. With Cedaron’s Rehab EMR you spend less time creating reports and more time with your patients.