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Registry Reporting Software

CardiacCare CardiacCare

Certified by the NCDR and the STS since 1998, Cedaron’s CardiacCare is the industry leading software for efficient NCDR participation and registry analytics reporting.


CathPCI  -  ICD
Impact  -  AFib Ablation
STS Adult Cardiac Surgery
STS Congenital Surgery
STS General Thoracic Surgery

NCDR The Society of Thoracic Surgeons

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Medical history
EMR Solution
for Therapists
Medical history

EMR Solution

for Therapists

Built in partnership with the APTA, ASHT and AOTA, We are the industry’s most comprehensive electronic medical record solution, including modules for physical, occupational, hand and speech therapy.

Aota Asht Apta

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Improve Efficiencies

Our customers report increased profitability by improving administrative

efficiencies. Cedaron reduces redundant data entry and provides

easy, accurate reporting capabilities.


Increased Profitability

Using Cedaron reduces complications, reduces denials, and increases profitability by keeping you compliant with all payers including Medicare.


Stay Current with Technologies

Don’t bear the financial burden of a mandatory upgrade. All Cedaron upgrades are

complimentary and come standard with your subscription to our products.


Quality Training

Software can be scary. We will make it simple. Onsite or remote, Cedaron offers

comprehensive implementation and training assuring that you have all the

tools you need to maximize the value provided by our product.



We know that customization is key to your workflow. Build surveys, custom

fields, and reports to cater our software to your organization’s needs.


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At Cedaron,

We Put You First

Cedaron’s customer success department is unmatched within the industry. Call our team 24/7, 365 days a year. We have a team of customer success managers always available to you.
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At Cedaron the people that use our technology have a vital role in our product development life cycle. Cedaron considers the end user to be a pivotal member of our business analysis team.


This is how it works, frequently, conversations with the end user uncover an opportunity to create a unique Cedaron solution, and a formal system design document is the result of such a conversation. The design document is reviewed internally, another conversation with the end user takes place, and then the document is placed into Cedaron’s agile product development life cycle. For this scenario to actually work and succeed, there must be a tight relationship between the end user and Cedaron.


Cedaron is committed to be recognized as the best in class solution. One recent success story is Cento Analytics designed to revolutionize clinician driven metrics of registry and outcomes data.



Malcolm Bond Ph.D. – Chief Scientist and Founder
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