Waiting on data means

missing the window to act.

It’s time to think beyond audit at the point of care set enterprise benchmarks reduce readmissions reduce complications reduce length of stay reduce the cost of care monitor emerging trends improve outcomes increase productivity reduce the mental load accelerate Quality Improvement goals achieve The Gold Standard

Real-time, enterprise analytics have a significant impact on patient care, provider satisfaction, and the bottom line.

Shift your data strategy from management to action.

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Real-Time, Enterprise Analytics  50+ Registries   |   Data Abstraction Services

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Our certified registry software is for you if:
  • Outcomes reporting takes too long.
  • Data abstraction takes too long, especially when you participate in multiple registries.
  • You’re not sure if the data is complete or if it contains unusual values.
  • Different facilities participate in different registries, but abstraction and registry data isn’t centralized.
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Cento Analytics

Cento is for everyone! Especially if you
  • Need a real-time, enterprise view of what’s going on. Or maybe you want to drill down on a burning question.
  • Want to explore data on the fly…but you’re a clinician or admin, not a SQL expert.

Our customer family is inquisitive. With Cento, they’re able to find answers.

BONUS: It’s included with all Cedaron solutions, for free.

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Cedaron improved our patient care. It really changed quite a bit for us.

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I can audit at the point of care and intervene immediately.

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These reports have helped our patients beyond measure.

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This software pays for itself.

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Are you future focused?

What makes the most sense long-term so that:

  • Your hospital has room to grow its quality improvement program?

  • Your data abstraction team can be self-sufficient & agile (“One registry tool for all”)

  • Data Management and IT efforts are minimized?

Cedaron answers your questions.

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