3 Interfaces Every Hospital Outpatient Clinic Needs

At Cedaron, we describe an interface as a handshake. Both sides must reach out and connect in order for the integration to be successful. This handshake is a crucial aspect for Hospital Outpatient Rehab Clinics to maximize productivity and efficiency. An Outpatient Rehab EMR that interfaces with the hospital ADT, Billing, and PCR is a vital tool for your organization- check it out:

1. ADT Interface

An ADT interface pulls all patient demographic information into the outpatient Rehab EMR, eliminating the need for your therapists to reenter all of this data and saving precious time. When John Doe is discharged from the hospital and coming into your clinic for rehab, you can automatically populate his name, DOB, address, ethnicity, MRN, Insurance and all other demographic information through this connection with the hospital ADT system. Save time and reduce entry errors with this automated process, and get right to the important stuff- treating your patient.

2. Billing Interface

Interfacing with billing is obviously a pretty important piece of the puzzle. This allows you to continue with business as usual with no disruptions to your work or billing cycle when implementing a Rehab EMR. Cedaron helps prevent denials as we create the entire bill based on Medicare Rules and other third party insurance rules.  Make sure you see a winning track record before you trust a company to establish a connection between your Rehab EMR and current billing system.

3. Permanent Clinical Record Interface

PCR, or Permanent Clinical Record, integration streamlines the process of congregating all patient evaluations, health information, and reports in one place- a permanent health record. Printing, faxing, or walking documents to a records department is so 1990. Use a PCR interface to have these documents sent right from the record in your Hospitals EHR to the permanent record with the records department. Avoid mix-ups, lost records, and save yourself time with this valuable tool.


Make sure the Outpatient Rehab EMR you use is extending a hand for a firm shake. Other companies may talk the talk, but Cedaron walks the walk. We can successfully interface with any primary EHR, including but not limited to Epic, Meditech, Paragon, Cerner, McKesson and Siemens. You don’t have to compromise the quality of your documentation system in order to have a system that communicates effectively with the primary hospital EHR. Oh, and not to mention Cedaron is certified for Meaningful Use, meaning legislation like MIPS is no problem. You can have the most complete Rehab software solution and maintain that seamless communication.

Call Cedaron for a product that works best for the therapy practice and integrates with your hospital’s EHR.